Fighting Flatulence For Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders don’t want to talk about it. Nobody wants to talk about it. Frankly, the topic stinks! However, when you consume as much food as bodybuilders do, you are going to occasionally suffer some gastrointestinal discomfort. It comes with the territory. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are interested in ‘clearing the air” about this topic.

How much fiber do you consume daily?

Fiber should be consumed daily for good health and great digestion. Foods such as brown rice, oatmeal broccoli and cauliflower are excellent sources of dietary fiber. Too much fiber, however, can cause a problem much worse than slow bowel movements – too many! Keep your fiber consumption to a healthy medium, and avoid laxatives and fiber pills. Your body can become dependent upon them very quickly, and you will soon need them just to be regular at all!

What supplements so you use?

Micronized creatine is very hard on the gut. You know what we’re talking about here. Add one teaspoon of this white powder to your juice, and stir. Ring any bells? This supplement has probably led to more bellyaches in bodybuilding history than any other supplement. Forget to drink enough water and the problem becomes much worse.

How many meals per day do you eat?

Eating 2 to 3 big meals each day is a recipe for large bowel movements which can be very uncomfortable. Eating 8 to 9 times per day means your gut never has a chance to rest. Somewhere along the lines of 5 to 7 meals per day is ideal for a mix of stomach spacing and rest required for growth. Adjust your portion sizes in meals to maintain your caloric requirements while hitting the table the right amount of reps each day!

Do you enjoy leafy green salads each day?

Two large leafy green salads Sarms for sale near each day will end the digestive issues of 90% of bodybuilders. It’s that simple. Keep the dressings and oils to a minimum, and remember that the croutons in your salad aren’t going to digest that easily, so it might be better to keep them to the side.

How much water do you drink?

As a rule, you should be putting away about one cup of water each hour that you are awake during the day. Even half of that will keep you fairly healthy. If you’re the type of bodybuilder who lives on tea, sports drinks, and coffee, you might not be giving your body enough of what it needs to cleanse itself internally – h20!

Do you train abdominals?

Many bodybuilders opt for the “train abdominals once per year, in the 4 weeks before a show” philosophy for midsection training. This is fine for bodybuilding purposes and helps to limit how big the waistline can become. On the other hand, regular ab training helps to keep food moving through the intestines faster. Buildups are broken up. If all else fails in your digestion woes, toss crunches and lying leg raises in to the mix and see if you don’t find some success!